Monday, August 20, 2012

In my world simplicity is the mother of invention... a little traveling advice.

My husband always says, necessity is the mother of invention... in my traveling days, I say simplicity is the mother of invention!

We are away in Seattle, WA for a family wedding... loving seeing all our family, we are spread out all over the world now... and the last time we were all together in one place was 21 years ago!! So much has happened in that time... and it is simply fun to witness time and changes and the growth of our family!

But traveling as a raw vegan can be well, overwhelming. It's all a state of mind. It's all good. Really. Simply good. When on the road I keep one rule: keep things simple...rawlly good very simple.

When going on a trip I first find out where the juice bar, the organic health food store, and the raw vegan friendly restaurants are... then I search for a place to stay near by... so I know I can take care of myself no matter what. We rented an apt. nearby with a kitchen that gives us the possibility of pulling things together if we want to.

Once upon arriving, we did a small shop of basics fruit, some veggies, and gluten free snacks (1 of my kids are gluten free) so that we have what we need. At this time of the year, fresh produce markets are everywhere which is a delight! and there is just so much choice of delisciousness to be had.. so it's easy.
So far I have been happily surprised with unexpected juice bars that make me smile and shine!

So a little research to get your basics goes a long way.. and life will do the rest to surprise you with little gifts here and there and everywhere. The key is to keep things simple. To know, that you can find delisciousness in the simplest of foods and be fully nurtured and satisfied with them. There will always be time for fancier meals... but simple days filed with fun loving family adventures mean the world to me!
Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Understanding HADO Water

HADO (japanese for Vital Energy) water was discovered by Dr. Emoto in Japan. HADO water is water that has been treated with the intrinsic electromagnetic vibrations of healing words like "love", "gratitude" and prayer. This treatment of the water has the power to change the molecular structure of the water, into positive forms (if the energetic vibration of thought and emotions were positive) or negative forms (if the energetic vibration of thought and emotions were negative).

Dr. Emoto and his team, discovered a way to photograph, through high speed photography, the water molecules through a microscope just before the moment of freezing and discovered a correlation between the molecular changes in water and the energetic vibrations of the thoughts and emotions being fed onto the water. 

Water whose molecular structure has been changed for healing by raising its energetic vibration through the use of words like Love & Gratitude, Thank You and so on, has become known as HADO water. It is water that is organized and that has a Hexagonal geometric crystals, which are best suited for our bodies.

The way to charge or change the molecular structure of water (therefore creating structured water) is quite simple. First, fill a clean glass jar with filtered water, then write on a piece of paper the words you intend the water to absorb. In their research they found that the most beautiful water crystals were formed when the words such as Love & Gratitude & Thank You, were written on the papers. Then   tape the paper(s) onto the glass jars, in such a way that the writing faces the water, and no two papers create an obstacle for each other. Leave it overnight. The next day, drink as much water as possible. Notice the difference in taste and body. My kids can taste the difference!

Dr. Emoto also did experiments where he placed HADO water near speakers and played all sorts of different music. The results were quite unique and different according to the choice of music. Music whose energetic vibration is one of Peace & Love, one of soothing the body and soul created the most beautiful geometric water crystals.

Now you may say, what is the big deal with structured water? well well, because our bodies are made out of water imagine what drinking beautiful molecular structured water can do for our health, our bodies, minds and souls! Just look at the photos... which water would you like to drink most?

Tap Water - Before


Image of Tap water

Image of water from the words " You make me sick, I will kill you"

Image of Hado Water crystal from the words "Love & Gratitude"

Family Love

Image of Hado water from the words "Family Love"

Mmmmh. Drink for thought, isn't it?

A lot of diseases in today's world can be linked to cellular dehydration and poor cellular nutrient absorption. Structured water and in particular Hexagonal water appears to play an important role in biological functions. It is being linked to improved hydration, enhanced nutrient absorption, DNA function and improvements in metabolic efficiency. 

HADO water has become a staple at our house. The jar always full, the nourishing taste and healing powers of it always welcomed. My kids swear there is a difference in its taste, and I thank the path for providing this tool to us.


“HADO creates words. Words are the vibrations of nature. Therefore beautiful words create beautiful nature. Ugly words create ugly nature. This is the root of the universe.” Dr. Emoto