Thursday, December 26, 2013

The Universe is a Dragon that never sleeps...

Happy Holidays!!! As we grow onwards and upwards as a global culture, I hope that the Holidays that you celebrate are filled with joy, love, transcendence, prosperity and peace.

How are these special days going? How did the summer & fall treat you? or better yet how did you treat yourself during the last few months? The days come and the days go and our habits either build us up, build our health or tear us down towards disease.  Every little habit as unconscious as it may be either builds us or tears us.  It is fascinating to me how many things we do in a day, how many thoughts, emotions we have that perhaps are just part of our conditioning, that we experience at a subconscious or conscious level, that make up who we are today and where we are at.  The Universe is here for us to explore, the potential for anything we dream of doing or becoming is here, so what happens? what happens along the way to that dream? what happens along the way to that new be-coming that sometimes eludes us and seems further away than when we started?

Sometimes as we create new habits, new lifestyles, new thought patters and more conscious emotional responses I seem to move 1 step forward and two steps back, 3 steps forward, 4 steps forward -- uhhuu!!! and then a few more steps back... mmmh. I really like the steps forward, not so much the steps back. But it is in the steps back that I have learned the most about myself, my conditioning, my conscious and subconscious choices and the inner dragon that seeks to dance to the wild fires of my heart.

But every step back is not a full step back. As my conscious choices, awareness and responses have had a deep root healing in my life, what I may feel is a step back, perhaps is that pause between a deep inhale and a deep exhale, that pause that gets the body ready for a deeper inhale, for a deeper exhale. I wish to see it as a moment of reflection & integration.  A moment of self awareness.  A moment to witness myself in the unfolding.  It is my choice to see it as a step back or as what from now on I will call a 'witness step'.

Whatever your journey might be, having the certainty and deep rooted belief and hope in deep healing has allowed my inner dragon to find the freedom I needed to explore new worlds and new therapies, new ways of healing that may seem controversial or perhaps just so different than mainstream therapies and protocols.  It is in having the courage to step away and out of the 'conventional' that I have regained my health, and found the answers that no one was able to give me.  It is in this journey that I have rediscovered my inner Universe and accepted my inner Dragon.  It is in following the beat and rhythm of my inner Dragon that I learned to dance again.

Trust yourselves, for the Universe already has the answers to the questions and conditions that you seek.  Seek them boldly.  Know with certainty in your heart that you have the ability to heal yourself, even when the world seems to tell you otherwise.  The journey might seem hard at times, but as we move away from dis-ease, our body will align itself with radiant health. As we build and gather new tools into our lives, new lifestyles, new routines that allows us to manage the world outside of ourselves and allow us to connect more deeply to the world within, our lives change.  Change gives us the courage to go on, and the power to unleash our inner Dragon.

Wake up calls can be scary, I have been there.  They shake your entire world, turn it upside down and leave you and me, speachless and ungrounded.  One of the biggest tools I have found is to daily ground myself.  To daily connect.  To daily awaken myself and recognize that my inner dragon in my Universe wants to be alive, wants to express itself, just wants it to be me.

So as the New Year comes, I like to set new goals and intentions, I like to dream again, I like to step by step walk and build those dreams… so I encourage you to take a little time for yourself, to touch base with your deep self, what is your dream?, what is your calling?, how can you walk towards it?, how can you let it walk towards you? What is your gift to gift the betterment of humanity?

 I encourage you, to take the time, to reflect and meditate, to make it a daily habit, to tap in, to breath in and out, to savour the moment, to be present to your self so you can be a better gift to others, to clear the fog that envelops our minds and hearts and find the essence of who you really are.

May this year be the year where you have clarity of your dreams, where you make them happen, where you connect deeply with the beauty and magic of life, and where you share your dreams and gifts with us for the betterment of Humanity, the Earth and for you, YOU, to be fully your very own best.


Keep your Rawllygood Heart going, allow it to shine bright, and inspire others along the way.

In Peace,
Naty Howard