Friday, September 5, 2014

Something Old with a New twist.... Sacred Prayer Bundles meet the elements...

Sacred Prayer Bundles hold within themselves the sacred energy of who makes them and the prayers we hold dear to our hearts.  They are the manifestation of our sacred intention and can carry our sacred words of healing, of re-connecting, of our sacred prayers, our heart's desire for peace and harmony to the Great Spirit.  Words have power.  Words hold onto their vibration, which resonates within us and the world around us.  Becoming more and more conscious about our choice of words can bring one too many revelations about our patterns of thought and behaviour.  Tuning into our words and impregnating them with sacred intention, gives the Prayer Bundles sacred powers.

Different traditions guide us in different ways to make the Prayer Bundles.  They are all sacred in their own ways, and most importantly, they are sacred to you in your own unique way.  Anything goes, as long as what you are making/manifesting resonates with you, as long as you take the time to make it sacred and with sacred intentions, as long as you to make it 'yours', and open up your heart, anything goes.

I like combining the elemental tradition of Ayurveda with the Sacred Prayer Bundles.  The 5 elements that make everything that exists in the Universe are: Ether (space/ vibration), Air, Fire, Water, and Earth.  Including them within the Sacred Prayer Bundles, for me, makes them that much more powerful.  It connects the Bundle with the rest of the Universe, it connects them to the ancient science of healing: Ayurveda and one of the key concepts, 'our microcosm is a representation of our macrocosm and viceversa', and 'everything affects everything else'.  Because everything is interconnected and because as we are within so are we in the Universe at large, including the elements reminds me, and perhaps you, of the power of our choices, the power of the Universe, the power of Spirit, and the power of our intentions.

How to make a Sacred Prayer Bundle you say?

Basic materials:
* 4x4" square pieces of fabric.  They can be bought, or made.  Using colour to enhance their beauty if you are going to place them somewhere where you will see them is worth the extra thought.
* twine
* scissors
* paper and pen (blue if to be used symbolically for water)
* an open heart

Elements materials:
* Ether- symbolically write down the word OM. Or symbolically listen to drumming music as you are making them or better yet gather in community to make your sacred prayer bundles and create a drumming circle ceremony as part of the making of them.
* Air- symbolically breath deeply into your bundle.  Symbolically included when hanging the prayer bundles from a tree. Use the colour white as one of you fabrics.
* Fire- symbolically anything red, or a small picture of fire, or ashes from a sacred fire. Symbolically this element is included when burning the prayer bundles.
*Water- symbolically anything blue, or a small picture of water.  Symbolically this element is included when throwing the prayer bundle into a river or moving water.
*Earth- symbolically soil, a small stick, a tobacco leaf/ or tobacco (traditionally used in native ceremonies).  Symbolically this element is included when burring the prayer bundle.  Sacred Herbs, corn, sand from a sand mandala, sacred ash that come from the Earth.

First, I like to be very clear with my offering, with my intention and let that sit in my heart. When I am ready to clear the space around me, both physically and energetically, I use smudging.  Smudging consists of burning incense to clear the energetic or physical imprint left upon our bodies, and /or our space.  Traditionally it is done by burning dried sage, or sweet grass.  I like using sage.

Once you feel that you have arrived together with your body, meditate upon your offering and your prayers.  Sit quietly if you can for 5 minutes of more, and bring forth your intention and your prayer.  If you are able to be in nature, gather the 5 elements, Ether (symbolically write down the word OM.  OM is believed to be the original vibration that set the Universe into being), Air (symbolically anything white), Fire (symbolically anything red), Water (symbolically anything blue- blue ink, a small image of water), Earth (symbolically soil, sand, sage, corn, tobacco or a small stick).

Reconnect with your prayer, or your sacred intention for the bundle.  Write it down if you wish, or hold the intention in your mind as you assemble the bundle.  Place the tobacco, sand, sacred ash and/or sage if you have any inside your square piece of fabric.  Continue to place each of the symbolic representations of the 5 elements inside the square piece of fabric. Place your written intention inside the sacred prayer bundle, and fold all four corners of the fabric towards the middle, tie up the top with twine.

You can make one prayer bundle, or you can make a thousand of them. It is believed that if we make more than one, our prayers will be carried that much faster by the winds to the Great Spirit.  Kind of like snail mail vs. instant email request.  I like making a row of them, a row that I can hang on the tree and let the winds of change, of peace, of health and harmony whisper them away (air).

Before I let them be whispered by the winds to the Great Spirit, I smudge one more time.  I smudge over the sacred prayer bundles, over the space that allowed me to create them, over my body, and energetically seal the moment and the commitment my soul has given.

Sacred Rituals are something that most of us have forgotten, or perhaps don't participate in as much as our hearts desire them.  Creating new or reconnecting with old sacred rituals is extremely important as we are multidimensional beings seeking a human experience.  We often forget, assume, we are human being seeking a soul experience.  Either way, connecting with the Sacred allows us to transform, to move energy, to connect to the light of our being, to journey on while connecting with the ancient in our bones.

Upcoming Events

Sunday September 21st, 2014: Rawllygood Potluck Fall Equinox @ The Realign Ranch. 4-7pm.

It's time to gather and share the bounty of the season!
For this very special gathering we will be doing a ceremony in the Mandala Garden, we will be planting our Tree of Life in the middle of the Herb Spiral, which is at the core of the Garden.  We will be doing a short ceremony that I am calling Planting the Soul Dream.  Please take 10 minutes out of your busy lives and come prepare for it.  Find a quiet space and time, sit in meditation and connect deeply with your inner self.  What is it that your soul dreams of manifesting? what is it that your soul's desire? What is your purpose and how do you see it coming forth at this time?  write it all down.  Bring your Soul Dream with you, as we will be planting them underneath the Tree of Life, to nourish, heal and continue to transform the tree and the Mandala Garden.  As I mentioned before the Tree and the Soul Dreams will be planted at the core and energetic centre of the Garden.

If you can not make it to the potluck, but do wish to have your Soul Dream planted, well, send (email) it my way and onto the earth it will go.  If you wish to keep your Soul Dream private, than mail it my way as well, but make sure to do so sooner than later.  Our mailing address is : The Realign Ranch, 8641 Concession 2, Mt Albert, ON, L0G1M0.  Make sure you write Soul Dream on the envelope so that your privacy is respected!

After the ceremony we will gather and feast with a Rawllygood Potluck.  For details of what to bring please check

Saturday October 18th & Sunday October 19th- H.O.P.E. Permaculture Tour!
Welcome to the first Homesteading Organically to Produce Eco-systems Permaculture Tour!

“Learn and be inspired by how we’re doing it!”
Times: 9:00 to 5:00 each day
Location: York & Durham Regions (Lake Simcoe Watershed)
Registration Fee:  Early Bird Special of $125.00 if you register by September 12th
After September 12th  $150.00

2014 Tour Sites:
John’s Garden, Uxbridge
Foggy River Farm South, Uxbridge
Foggy River Farm North, Uxbridge
Tycoed Restorative Farm, Uxbridge
Mandala Gardens at The Realign Ranch, Mt Albert/Uxbridge
Cavallieiro Farm, Schomberg
We HOPE this tour will inspire you to consider how you are living now and what changes you could potentially make to help create a better ecosystem for the Earth and all living creatures. We will demonstrate and give you experiences of the way this community of homesteaders are using permaculture principles to make changes. At the conclusion of the weekend, you will have discovered unique ways of applying permaculture principles in your immediate environment, from backyard to an operating farm!  Little changes, big changes…all make a difference in your own life and the life of your community.
A shuttle bus will be available for the tour with pick-up at the Uxbridge Train Station (GO Terminus at Railway St. & Spruce St.). If you wish to stay in the area, camping will be available at Foggy River Farm North and there are also Bed and Breakfast places available. Lunch on both days will be available for purchase or you can bring your own.

To register please visit

Please join us!!!

Quote of the day
"You are one thing only.  You are a Divine Being.  An all-powerful Creator.  You are a Deity in jeans and a t-shirt, and within you dwells the infinite wisdom of the ages and the sacred creative force of All that is, will be and ever was."- Anthon St. Maarten, Divine Living: The Essential Guide to Your True Destiny.