Monday, October 22, 2012

Now that I have ripped my heart open, let's RE MINERALIZE IT!


So, now that I have given you my open heart... let's juice it up!

One of the most important things we can do for ourselves is to RE MINERALIZE as we heal... and simply just to RE MINERALIZE every day through juicing and eating foods that contain high amount of minerals..

Most of us today are mineral deficient. Even when we eat organic foods, they don't always have the minerals that we need for vibrant health. So where do we find these precious friends, you say?

Juicing is a must.. juicing concentrates the amounts of the minerals present in foods and because it is a liquid, they are easily absorbed by our systems without much loss. Most minerals are lost in the process of cooking our food, so adding fresh raw foods daily to our diet, will also increase the RE MINERALIZATION process. And last but not least, eating fresh sprouts, both with green leafs and with the tails (just at the beginning of the process).

And when you combine them all... well think of giving your body some much needed SUPER POWERS!

Fresh pressed raw vegetable green juices that include sprouts... is like having a green blood transfusion first thing in the morning that will have your cells tickle and dance for the rest of the day!

A very easy green juice that I like to start my days with is what I call the


1 whole cucumber, washed and cut
6 celery ribs
1 or 2 green apples
handful of sunflower sprouts
1 inch piece of ginger

Juice it all up by alternating the ingredients so that your juicer runs smoothly..

Juice it up and consciously and slowly drink it up!

If you don't  have access to sprouts, keep things simple and juice the rest of the veggies.. it's still all superpower goodness!

"Many people put more time into the maintenance of their cars than into their own body! Buy yourself organic vegetables and eat them. Invest in yourself. ... You can ask yourself , “What have I consumed today that will build high integrity blood , bone, brain and body tissue? What have I done today that will add another day to my life?” Annie Padden and David Jubb
LifeFood Recipe Book North Atlantic Books

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Seemingly quiet.... an open heart letter about Chellation..

Seemingly quiet I have ridden the roller coaster ride of 12/ 12 sessions of Chellation therapy over the last 4 and half months. Last week I had my last session. I get a two week break and then do something called "the challenge" where we see where my levels of heavy metal toxicity are at. In the meantime, my "lows" are not as low as they used to be and my vibrancy is only getting better and brighter! so onwards we go... fuelling this precious temple with high octane raw nutrition, juicing, elixirs, super foods, you name it! I am putting it all in and putting it all out. Supported by lovely family and friends, I stand chin up, knowing I am doing everything in my power to heal and to let go.

Letting go is easier said than done. Letting go of the thoughts, experiences, circumstances in my present life and in my consciousness that created the perfect storm. But I try. I show up to my life, I breathe, I stretch, I visualize, I exhale.... I try to exhale the cellular memory within my body. I had to let go of anger, I had to let go of fears, I had to let go of all the choices I didn't make that perhaps would have taken me a different path.... I had to accept this path, MY PATH WITH AN OPEN HEART, for I know the future is bright, more than a physical journey, my rawllygood journey has become a journey into consciousness. I am vibrantly happy swimming in the oceans of OM, in the fields of wild life force energy, in the breath of pure potentiality. We have a conscious choice in who we are. We have a conscious choice in who we become.

Showing up to my mat has gained more meanings than the literal one since Chellation started. I have been more tired than usual, I have been more emotional than usual, I have been swepped by the winds of heavy detox into the realm of total bhaaa! and total letting go for I just had to let it happen, ride the side effects and let the deep cell detox happen.... at first I fought it, because I simply love showing up to my mat at 5 am... that quiet time before the world wakes up, there is a sweetness in the air, there is a stillness in the breath... but I haven't been able to do it. And I was mad. Really mad. For that is really my time. I had to learn to adapt and stay connect with my breath in different ways. If that day I needed sleep.. well, then that was my mat and my meditation, my healing for that moment. If I needed to sit, I sat. If I needed to run around with my 3 busy active kids, then I had to save my energy for them and run around. Above all, I had to accept that they are my path at this time and letting go of my precious early morning meditation, as much as it was difficult for me, had to happen so I could manage family life at this moment in time. I witnessed and felt great healing happen when I stopped trying so hard. When I embraced the processed with gentle care. When I surrendered to my body's wisdom, for it knows the way of the healing journey.

Originally I had wanted to write more about it, but as the weeks went on it became obvious to me that I needed space. Space to pull out some weeds. Working at "Happy Farms" the CSA I joined this summer was one of the best medicines for my spirit. It provided me with space away from everything and everyone to process. To let the tears fall as I weeded the organic rows of veggies... To feel gratefulness for the opportunity to be there, to feel the abundance of the earth, to know how much care and sweat goes into growing happy organic natural food, to the happy faces of those who work there that lifted me up just by showing up, to connect with my future, with the path I now embrace. To be out there with the elements, with the animals, with my soul. Thank you Happy Farms, Thank you Angela for your open heart and for reminding me of the power of love to heal, to embrace, to care, to provide ourselves with exactly what we need. To trust, to build, to aim high, and above all to hold onto the intention of Happiness. Intention heals, it brings us one step closer to where we want to be. It raises our vibration, and carries us forward. I have gained a new sense of respect for the whole process of nourishment. From the seed to the vegetable, from the chick to the chicken or the lamb to the sheep, from the care I gave to the land to the care I am able to nourish myself with. Thank you. Deeply.

From my yoga training, I have found strength on my breath, I have found strength on my sensory awareness of the energy flow, and I have made it "sacred" to fall asleep with a visualization and physical sensation of the healthy energy flow in my body. Through Adam (Dreamhealer), I have gather more tools for healing visualizations. From yoga and meditation I have found the taste of sweetness in the air I breath. Developing the "sacred" muscle is not always easy, but it is necessary if we want live who want to become, today.

From Kim (aka: colonics Queen), I have found laughter and comfort in my uniqueness. I now embrace my very sensitive tuned body awareness, my true teacher, that gets to the point before my mind does!

From my family, a deep sense of gratitude, graceful beings that shine as the sun rises, graceful beings that love, that spark curiosity and even more love in me. Thank you for your open heart, for allowing me to ride the waves of change, for challenging me to keep on showing up to today's day, as if all was well. Because it really is. ALL IS WELL. It has taken me some time to feel that, but now I do.

To my husband, thank you for your love.. I know it has not been easy being a witness to the process. I am thankful for your open mind and heart into the world of where the wild things are.

And yes, from the RAWlly good life force ... you keep my heart at peace, you keep the sparkle in my eyes for we are at the cusp of a brave new world.

And from you, THANK YOU. You, reader that have silently been there, hoping for more blogging from me. Hoping for more yoga tips, healing tools, and recipes to make your day shine even more brightly. It's time to shine! What do you say?

I say let's rock this Rawllygood life for there is only one ... LIVE WHAT YOU LOVE ... LOVE WHAT YOU LIVE ... breathe, breathe, breathe ... REACH FOR YOUR DREAMS, AND DREAM AGAIN... face your challenges with honesty, own them and let them go ... LOOSE YOUR FEARS ALONG THE WAY ... make your yellow brick road shine brightly with love ... GET INSPIRED AND BE INSPIRING ... feel your soul, TRUST YOUR BODY ... allow for abundance in your life ... WITNESS YOUR MIND, FEED IT GOODNESS ... love this life ... MAKE EACH DAY COUNT.

In peace,

Naty Howard.