Details of the Rawllygood Potluck

Please bring a Raw Beegan dish of your own creation (I am ok with using raw honey as a sweetener, more on that follows, but keeping it Vegan otherwise) . 

Enough for the confirmed number of people to sample.

Organic, dairy/egg free, plant based, meat free, not heated over 41C or 105F, along with a list of ingredients or recipe!! I will try my best to post some of the AWESOME recipes on the Blog.

Please AVOID the use of Agave syrup. IF your recipe calls for it you can use RAW cane sugar, dates or raw honey. Agave syrup is basically Fructose! and it will mess around with your blood sugars. More on that at

I know some of you are completely Vegan. We will do our best to respect that.
There are many websites to find inspiration such as:
I will be sending reminders of it on a monthly basis.

Please RVSP back to me so that I can have an idea of the numbers and we can all plan our dishes accordingly.

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