Monday, September 10, 2012

Foraging edable wildness into my children...

What? yes.. insightful wildness must be taught and remembered! our ancestors knew their plants, their herbs, and their healing medicinal powers... it was an art, as much as a need for survival and the longevity of the tribe.. deep within our bones we have the knowledge and the insight to remember the power that lays within the wild foods nature presents us everyday.

Out in B.C. berries are EVERYWHERE! literally, everywhere.... my kids were so happy! they love 'em, they can eat them till the end of time.... if we let them! Often by where we would stop there would be a bush or two or three of blackberries, raspberries, blueberries.. unbelievable! So we thanked our lucky angels and we munched away. Have you ever had a chance to taste a wild blackberry? They are scrumptious! there is an essence to wild foods that carries within them tremendous power. They contain the essence of the elements that nurtured them and witnessed their becoming, and that precise essence has immense power to heal us and nurture us. That's why they are top in my books. That is why I think it is just so important to remember which wild foods are available to us no matter where we live. What are they, what kind of power can they offer us?, what kind of teachings lay asleep waiting for us to knock on the door?. Plenty I am sure.

Our kids today in general know little about where our food comes from, the labour of love of growing real food, of cooking or uncorking real meals, of what the plant that gave its fruit to us looks like? So it's time to teach them. Even if a few, what the tomato plant looks like, what the blackberry plant and strawberry plants look like, what the real source of their nurture comes from. Even if in the city... a few pots will do, plant one plant and create a dialogue. Visit a farmer's market.. they are bustling with freshness now.... you never know where it might take you....

It took us to another wild blackberry bush.. and half and hour later.. we were still day.. happy as pigs in mud... for lack of a vegan metaphor! ha!


“Let thy food be thy medicine and thy medicine be thy food.” Hippocrates