Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Dear Diary: Have you heard the news.. I'm radioactive!

Dear Diary: Have you heard the news.. I got my results from my last chelation test a few days ago.. and

tadah! .. I'm radioactive!!! beauty isn't it?.. well, well.. I always knew I was special and had many talents.. but this one.. I had no idea of it's existence! I guess I still have many more talents to uncover.. which is always a delight, specially when it's a juicy one like this one. As it happens my levels of Cadmium, Cesium, Gadolinium, Lead, Nickel, and Thallium are way outside reference numbers.. specially the Thallium. The good thing is that the test measures what is coming out of your body. So I guess it's a good thing that all these are coming out of me. A few of them have gone down, like Mercury and a few others. As of this test Thallium is highest on the score sheet. Thallium.. mmhh.. where on earth did I pick that one up? I have been trying to figure it out.. haven't come to a conclusion yet.. but I'll keep you posted. In the meantime, Thallium is a toxic element and is radioactive. It was employed as a rodent killer- it is odourless and tasteless- but household use of this poison has been prohibited in most western countries. 

MMhhhh. Well, well, well. As we may have come to know the Venezuelan standards are not currently up to date. Never mind 30 years ago. So who knows if Thallium was in household products to kill ants, cockroaches (sorry, don't want to gross you out- but they were part of my reality) , bugs and the sort of stuff that is common in third world countries. As a competitive swimmer I grew up between the waters of a high chemical swimming pool and the waters of a "only the fish know and don't want to tell" perhaps highly contaminated ocean... 

As we (humans) become more aware of what we have done to ourselves and our environment, it is even more important to clean our act together, not only for ourselves but for the future of our children on this earth. It is our responsibility, no other, to be aware of what we put in our bodies, on our bodies and what into the world that sustains us.

As I left my Dr.'s office I felt anger and baaahhh and the feeling of not some more, please! But the feeling quickly changed into an empowerment of staying on the bright side of life and counting the many Blessings present in my life. It's definitely been a long journey to get to this point, but I am here, pain free, meds free, full of life and spirit to conquer it all one breathe at a time. So really, it is all good.

The way I see it, I am giving my body the best nutrition possible to flush the rest of the stuff out, at the same time planting new beautiful seeds of health in me to create a brave new vibrant healthy body. I have reconnected with my spirit and feel a deep joy and deep love for this life that I hadn't felt before.. so keep on truckin'.. keep on lovin'... keep on breathing... and keep on trying new things you have never tried before! Like Rambutan! 

Delicious Rambutan is a beautiful tropical fruit found throughout Southeast Asia, Central and the north part of South America. In Central and South America it is known as "Mamon Chino" or simply "Mamon". I grew up eating tons of Mamones, but in Venezuela they are brown on the outside and not as spectacular as these ones!

Rambutan is a fruit rich in Vitamin C, it contains plant-based anti-oxidants known as flavonoids that are believed to reduce cholesterol and be anti-cancerous and anti-inflammatory. It contains potassium, iron, beta carotene or vitamin A, and a little Calcium, Magnesium zinc, sodium, niacin, fiber and protein. It has therapeutic properties and is used through out Southeast Asia to help kill intestinal parasites. 

A quote made it's way to me the day of my Chelation test results.. it said: "In life there are only 3 choices: to give in, to give up, or to give it all you got."
You can guess which one I am choosing...

In the spirit of giving it all you've got, have a happy holiday season... my holiday wish for you is to honour where you come from, be opened minded about the different paths of those around you, show up to your life and live it like you mean it. Choose to manifest your wildest dreams, I can not guarantee you a smooth ride, but it will definitely be the ride of your life! May vibrant health, peace and joy find their way to your heart. 

To me, it is simply an inspiration of nature's potentiality for beauty and the healing gentle powers of structured wildness if there is such a thing!. Look at it! Even better, eat it after you look at it. Savour its structured wildness yet gentle medicine. 

Radioactively & Radiantly yours,