Monday, January 7, 2013

My wishes for you...

Well, first things first. Happy New Year! a bit late I know.. but my wishes were with you as we celebrated and accepted the comings of the New Year! Life has been busy with everyone at home and I haven't had a chance to sit my bottom down to write. I have missed it. You see, I write to the great unknown out there, but I also write to the very well known in here, and it feels good.

May it bring many blessings to you and your loved ones, may it be filled with laughter and love, may it be filled with radiant health and the gift of joy, may it bring forth the realization of your most heart felt and desired dreams and may it bring you closer to Spirit.

Now that the wheels of the New Year are well under way and the pressure of the famous last 'resolutions' is off, perhaps a more realistic and compasionate look at the year past is possible, perhaps a more honest look within your heart at what you want to bring forth in your life this year is also possible. I find for myself, I have so many dreams and desires in so many directions it's just hard to keep up with all of them! simply impossible, yet I dream away, yet I plant seeds that perhaps will take years to grow and harvest.. yet I feel the heartfelt desire to bring it on, and let things happen and find the balance between living lightly on this earth and grounding deep roots for my breath to spread.

Here are a few of my Resolutions, some are big, some are small... all take inspiration in the creative potential that life has to manifest the seeds we plant.

1.- Be more present (even when I dream!). Be more realistic of where I am at, of the circumstances that are my current reality.

2.- Become a more positive gardener of my mind-garden. Become very aware and conscious of the seeds I am planting today. TODAY is my future in the making. NOW matters more than what I sometimes consciously accept. Focus on the positive, make it grow, nurture and nourish it to the point there is simply no room left for the negative.

3.- Do more things that FEEL GOOD. Yes we all have duties and responsibilities, but often we (i) get lost in them and in taking care of everyone around us (me). And all though, that feels good, it is not the same  as finding things that make me feel really good with an open heart about this beautiful life, away from duties and responsibilities...

4.- Meditate on a daily basis. Deeply connect with nature and Spirit. Have breathing time. Quiet time. Rejuvenation time.

5.- Nourish my heart and listen to the voice within. I don't know about you, but I have periods of great intuition and I have periods of where has my intuition gone?. So nourishing my heart and staying more connected to it is something I want to pursue this year.

6.-Eat Rawllygood Nourishing Deliscious Foods, and of course, share them with you!

7.-Do something totally new to me.  (Nope I can't pull it out of the bag yet!)

8.- I could keep going on, but I think I will stop right here.....

What is your revised version of your plan for this year! I got lots of details to sort out, and lots of details to write down... but I like the element of surprise and organic brewing (if you can call it that) in my life.

Whatever it is, make it honest, make it real, feel it within your heart, take off the family/community pressure 'cause really this is about you and your sense of self, your growth, your ride.

I wish for you days filled with bliss, days filled with rain to wash away what you no longer need and to bring new energy into your lives, days filled with earth supporting your feet, days filled with wind carrying you to soaring heights, days filled with the fire of love, lots and lots of love, and last but not least, days filled with the vibration of your breath reaching every corner of your being.

On that note...
Here is a recipe for a Glass of Bliss Smoothie shall you need it on your many wonderful days ahead.

Glass of Bliss Smoothie

1 banana
3 Tbsp of Raw Cacao Nibs
2 Tbsp of fresh mint leafs (or more for a more minty flavour)
3 dates
1 (or 2) droppers of Marine Phytoplancton
1/2 tsp Schinoussa SeaVegetable Powder
1 tsp hemp seeds
2 cups of nut mylk of your choice (almond is nice and sweet)  or water (Hado water even better! or Almond mylk made with Hado water!)
Pinch of sea salt

Blend it all up, you want to have some of the Cacao Nibs chunks in there. Yum.
Note: my body doesn't need large amounts of protein. So the amounts of SeaVegetables and Hemps seeds are little. If you find your body does well with more, by all means up it up!
Quote of the Day
"I wish for you the wisdom to live only in present time, pursue only what gives you joy and the awareness of how useful these two choices are. And one more: Let compassion to yourself and specially to others, be always in your thinking and in your actions." CZ 
The 40 day meditation practice that started all this is coming up again. It is called "AWinter Feast for the Soul". Starts on January 15th. It is a wonderful way of connecting to the community at large and to experiment with different paths of meditation, and be supported along the way.

Book I recommend
"Nourishing Wisdom", a mind-body approach to nutrition and Well-Being, by Marc David.

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