Thursday, May 22, 2014

Things are changing around here....for the better! New Video Series: The Power of Restorative Farming!

Things are changing around here... for the better! As we continue to grow and listen within the silence of the practice, it has become very clear to me that the Rawllygood blog is a part of something bigger.  It has become clear to me that it is important to share my journey of realignment to nature and of body, mind and spirit with you.  Sharing all the tools I have used, and continue to use as part of my daily practice, lifestyle and healthier habits.  As well, it has become clear to me to be of service to others along their journey of realignment.  It is through this process of clarity that The Realign Ranch has been born.  The Realign Ranch will be a centre that supports the journey of realignment of body, mind and soul through a variety of workshops such as yoga, meditation, raw food nutrition classes, creative expression, permaculture & edible gardens.  Its mission is to be of service through the process of self-transformation that leads to spiritual growth, self realization and freedom.  

Through the process of becoming The Realign Ranch, I will be doing a series of video explorations on the theme The Power Of.... , part of the process of realignment is to take full responsibility for our actions, for their consequences and for the power that is within both of them.  The video series The Power of.. will explore the power of alignment with nature, alignment of body, mind, soul through many practices that have been helpful on my journey.  As well, it will be an exploration of our Power as global citizens to affect change.  Every action and habit that we have either builds our road to optimal health and spiritual liberation or builds our road to decay and disease on a personal level and a global level.  Each one of our actions contributes to the health and ecology of our communities and the planet.  So its time to act locally and think globally, for our own health and the health and future of humanity and the earth.  The Power of.. will explore themes such as Restorative Farming, mindfulness, yoga practices, meditation, permaculture, ayurvedic traditions, raw foods, creative expressions and on and on I could go.... I think you get the point.... So come along the journey of self-discovery and exploration of the tools and practices that bring us back in touch with our true self, with liberation and freedom.

Today we begin, perhaps with baby steps, this new journey of self empowerment. I welcome you to join me and Phil Collins as we discuss The Power of Restorative Farming.   Phil Collins is the owner of Foggy River Farms and co-founder of Fresh City Farms, and I will be teaching our June 8th workshop Homesteading for Raw Nutrition along with him, here at the Realign Ranch.  

Restorative Farming is based on the principles of permaculture as organic living systems that serve to to restore the land-not just sustain it, restore our bodies-phisically, mentally, our consciousness, our communities-by gathering and sharing the experience of growing food. 

Sit back and enjoy the ride...

Events coming up

Sunday June 8th, 9am-5pm, Homesteading for Raw Nutrition-
Presented by Phill Collins owner of Foggy River Farms and co-founder of Fresh City Farms, and myself.

Location: The Realign Ranch. 8641 Concession 2. Mt Albert, On (conveniently located 15 minutes East of Newmarket, or 12 minutes west of Uxbridge).

Join us for this full day combination seminar and hands-on workshop. Learn about the benefits of raw nutrition while Natalie demonstrates how easy it is to create simple nutritious meals for you and your family. Natalie will be demonstrating and talking about the benefits and healing aspects of juicing, smoothies, fermenting, dehydrating, super foods, sprouting and more! Phil will talk about many of the nutritionally dense foods that anyone can grow in their own landscape, tree planting and garden bed preparation, permaculture design elements and principles used to design the Mandala Gardens at the Realign Ranch. Hands on activities include meal preparation, tree planting and garden bed preparation.

We will end the day with a walking meditation.

Included in the workshop are raw breakfast and raw lunch.
Each participant will receive up to 10 select seedlings to start their own garden.
For more information and to register for the full day workshop, please visit

Quote of the Day
"The decisions that you make and the actions that you take upon the earth are the means by which you evolve".- Gary Zukav

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