Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Will you stay or will you go? I most sincerely hope that you stay…. 'cause really, it's all Rawllygood!

Dearest World Citizen:

As you may be aware, here in Canada, we have a new anti spam legislation coming into effect July 1, 2014.  It requires online businesses, and pretty much anyone, who contacts and shares info online to confirm/ express their consent to receiving the Rawllygood words, future updates and information. ( a.k.a. being on this blog.)

So it is that I must ask, will you stay or will you go? secretly hoping that you will stay.  If you wish to continue receiving the Rawllygood words, rest assure, you will.  There is nothing else you need to do, your consent will be implied.  But if you rather move on, than simply "unsubscribe".  I wish you well and know that you will be missed!

Best. Always.
'cause really, it's all Rawllygood!

Naty Howard

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