Monday, March 5, 2012

Detour at the Magic Carpet Junction

Well well, this ride of mine has hit a DETOUR…. Yeap.

Capital DETOUR.

The 40 day juice fast and meditation, have allowed my right side to continue to heal. I am so thrilled at the fact that I have been able to try foods that previously got my right side “pain” going, without side effects!. Which is a HUGE step.

But I wanted more and got really excited in the reintegration process… perhaps too excited for now I have to take a DETOUR and take a few steps back.

Eating some cooked foods is fine. Eating foods that have been cooked through the process of heating oils is NOT fine. I feel exhausted after eating them and my tummy is simply not happy. So my few steps back take me back to my raw vegan paradise where I thrive with the foods I eat.

I am so thankful for the foods that I am able to eat and for the healing that has taken place. I am thankful for the insights and for the understanding that I need to respect my body for where it is at. I am thankful for it is in my weaknesses that I find the greatest strengths. It is in what doesn’t completely ‘fall in with my plan’, that I find my teacher.

Life has gotten even busier this week and I have not been able to sit for the 40 minutes I had been enjoying before. The 20 minutes or so that I do sit keep me connected and going but the depth that I had before is not here. I miss my 40 minutes!!!  So I ask for ‘life to fall into place” so the space opens up again…. I know that it is me who needs to fall back into place….

So to celebrate this DETOUR I made a delicious raw soup today for lunch today:

Heavy metals be gone!
1 avocado
1 carrot
1 tomato
1 red pepper
handful cilantro
1 lemon (seeds out-they will make it bitter)
small handful dulse

more sprouts
grated carrot (if you have)- I didn’t have time today.. I just put extra mung bean sprouts!

Blend the first 8 ingredients together until smooth. Add sprouts, grated carrots and other chopped veggies of your choice as toppings. Enjoy!

"Keep up and you will be kept up." ~ Yogi Bhajan

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