Thursday, May 10, 2012

A few answers..

Hello out there:

I just wanted to use this post to answer back to a few emails I received from my last post.

I share posts like these with you because I think it is important to become aware of, in this case, how much processed sugar is in the food(s) we eat. Processed sugar has become a problem in our western society, because it is everywhere and we are consuming (unintentionally) so much of it, and because it is mots often combined with corn syrup, modified corn starch, fructose-glucose, and a long long list of chemicals and preservatives that affect the health of our bodies, our brain chemistry, and every aspect of our lives.

I am not saying sugar is bad. I am saying, have a look, see where a lot of the sugar in your life is coming from. Be aware, there is enough evidence out there now that makes the connection between many health issues in our society and the high consumption of processed sugars.

As I said in the post, sugar is an important aspect of our food and of our lives. We need it, we feel nourished by it, but there are natural ways of getting it that do not harm the body in the same ways 'processed sugars' do. That is all.

It is always with the intention of sharing awareness and love that I write these posts. Nothing else.

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