Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Finding stillness in movement.. bowing meditation.

Bowing meditation allows us to move in stillness.

I know it may seem a contradiction, but as you experience the slow movement of the bowing meditation, the mind eventually is able to find stillness.

It is a beautiful slow moving dance of body, mind and spirit. It allows us to connect within our bodies with the energy of the Earth and the energy of Heaven. It allows our hearts to open up to gratitude. It allows humbleness to enter into our lives and groundless to carry us through. In many asian philosophies our bodies are seen as the meeting point between Heaven and Earth. Bowing meditation allows us to connect with that principle bringing inner peace.

The repetition of each bow, becomes almost like the repetition of a mantra. It quiets the mind. It allows us to focus within. It begins to open up our chakras and meridian channels allowing the energy to flow through our bodies more freely, moving through blocks and patterns.

Bowing Meditation:

Begin at the back of your mat, feet together. Hands to your heart. Focus on your purpose and intention for the bowing.

Inhale as you raise your arms gathering the energy of the Earth around you. Your hands touch each other at the top of your head.

Exhale and bring your hands down to your heart chakra. As you move your hands down you bring into your body the energy of Heaven. Imagine golden light entering your body through the top of your head reaching all the way down to your feet.
Continue to half bow forward.

Bending your knees, move into child's pose.

Open your hands, palms face up to the sky, receiving energy from Heaven.

Sit back, bring your hands to your heart. Engage your core, stand up. (If necessary use your hands to support you as you raise up to standing again).

That is the cycle of 1 Bow. Then you begin a second bow.

Different traditions believe in the power of certain number of repetitions for healing purposes. The numbers 7, 21, 49 and 100 hold strong healing energies. Always bow 3 more times after you have completed your bowing meditation. One as a prayer or gift to Heaven, One as a prayer or gift to Earth, and the last one as a prayer or gift to Humanity.

As you bow, focus on your breath. If your mind starts to wonder, come back to your breath. It helps to count the bows out loud, or to chant a mantra to engage the mind and not have it "chatter" as much.

May you find the stillness that you seek in the movement of your body and carry it with you as grace moving your body in space.- Naty Howard.

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