Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Feeling gratitude for the wild wild snow!

Can you believe it? Snow coming down... what in April.... strange things happen out there. In my 20 years in this country I have witnessed snow in May too! so, I guess you never know.

Feeling gratitude for what is here now has brought much peace to my heart as I hope brings peace to yours. But how do we connect with gratitude in the midst of the long lists of things to do?

Well, we sit, we breathe and we first invoke the feeling until it begins to come to us naturally. We pay attention to the things and people who are in our lives instead to the things and people that are not part of our reality right now, to the beauty that surrounds us, to the miracles that happen everyday, to the abundance that already is here. The more we pay attention to what is here in front of us, the more gratitude feels our hearts the more can then go out there and make our dreams happen!

I have been working with a Healing Meditation that I want to share with you. I call it Gratitude Healing Meditation... you can even do it as you are laying down before falling asleep, it may give you the best sleep ever!

Sit quietly with your eyes closed. Focus on your breath.

Bring your attention to your heart and acknowledge all the things for which you feel gratitude.

Now with the intention to release any discomfort, pain, emotion, grievance, regrets, hostility that you may feel. Bring the emotion to your consciousness and let them go. Express what you are feeling to yourself and silently say "I let it go". Repeat the process a few times.

Now, for a few breaths, repeat the phrase "THY WILL BE DONE". Repeat it like a mantra.

Bring your attention back into your body. If there is an area of tension, pain, discomfort, bring your breath to it with the intention of releasing it.

Focus on your breath, move your awareness to your heart. Become aware of its beat, as sound, vibration, and feeling. Have the intention for your heart rate to slow down. Bring your attention to your hands. Feel the throbbing of your heartbeat in your hands. Feel the tingling and warmth that come from your heart. Intend to increase the blood flow and temperature of your hands.

Move your awareness to your eyes. feel the throbbing of your heartbeat in your eyes, and then in your face.

Move your awareness through your whole body. If there is an area of your body that you believe needs healing, intend warmth for that area. Bring the awareness of your breath, of your heartbeat to this area. Silently repeat "healing and transformation". Repeat several times, "healing and transformation".

Bring your awareness back to your heart. Just be aware of your heartbeat. Then move your awareness to your breath. After a few moments, open your eyes to complete the healing meditation.

Repeat the Gratitude Healing Meditation often. The more you do it, the more you will be able to feel the heartbeat, warmth and tingling sensation through your body.

(this meditation is from the book: Perfect Health by Deepak Chopra.)


Just 4 days till YOGA DAY!!!!!!  so come out! do Yoga by the Pond... it looks like it will be a sunny but cold day, so wear a lot of layers. The Potluck will be indoors.. Click on the link for details.

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