Friday, April 13, 2012

Working my share of an organic CSA- Happy Farms!

Spring is in the air and many farms and CSA's are already working their way into growing nutritious delicious food for us. If you are familiar with CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) great, if you are not, find out if there is one near you, join, become a member and get your fresh produce directly from the farmers! It is the best way of getting real food to your table. Food that you know has been loved and well taken care of.

If possible take the extra step this season and seek an organic CSA Farm near you. There are so many, ask for a tour of the farm, ask for a list of what they grow, some deliver, some you have to pick up.

If you have the time, volunteer for half of your share! which means you still get all the produce but instead of paying full membership, you pay half and work your hours for the other half! It is magical and beautiful to be out there in the field. It makes me connect at a deeper level with the food I eat. It provides me with a different understanding of what it takes to grow the food, to nurture and care for it, until it is ready to nurture us. The energy and consciousness of the land and the farmer have tremendous impact on the food they produce which will have tremendous impact on you when you consume it.

I love the smells of the food I eat, I love the smell of fresh dew on the land as I get ready to volunteer my time. It all leaves an imprint on our body and on our minds. Today we 'experimented' on getting the sweet potatoes ready for sprouting (it takes them 4 - 6 weeks!), transplanted seedlings and weeded and cleaned up the raspberry bushes... I can already taste their sweetness!

If you live in the area, North York, Newmarket, Uxbridge, Durham there are several Organic CSA's.
I have become a member of Happy Farms. Checked them out!  Angela, CSA farmer, has an open golden heart. Laugher and funny journeys are a guaranty at her farm. The Farm is about 15 - 20 minutes east of Newmarket.

Sue and me cleaning the raspberry bushes!!

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