Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Still trying to land back on earth from Mars.. oopss the Yoga Conference I mean.

Whenever life brings you the gift of stepping out from your earthly experiences to experience other walks of life, there is always 'reintegration' when you come back.

The Yoga Conference was great. There are two teachers I continue to be inspired by, the first is Sean Corn, her commitment to service, to the intention of individual and global healing and her Off the Mat programs simply leave me always thankful and bowing my head in gratitude for the experience of her class. The second, is Sadie Nardini. I had heard a lot about her, but this was my first year talking a class with her. I admire her humbleness, openness and lightness of being. I learned briefly to tap into the vastness of my Core to move from pose to pose, to use the strength beyond the muscle strength and to pay even more attention to my alignment and to the way "teachers" in general speak of alignment. I like to take my time getting into a pose, I like to feel my breath in it and feel supported and grounded. I don't like to move so fast through them that I am not able to connect with my breath. I actually makes both my body and mind feel agitated.

So check them out. They are wonderful resources.. you may never know where you'll find them as these busy bees keep moving around the globe sharing their passion and truth with the rest of us mortals.

My reintegration has been good. I feel like there is still so much to learn and explore and breath into and celebrate! I just want to stay on the mat!!

But I am planing some Off the Matt and into the world happenings for you... so stay tuned!

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