Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Tuesday is Yoga Day at the Rawllygood...

There is just so much to say in so many directions that I am trying to set things up so I get a chance to do it all!! I know .. there will always be more that I want to do... but I think it's a good way to start.

So Tuesdays will be all things Yoga... from the breath, to poses, to books and discoveries I make as I journey deeper into this world I love.

The Importance of our practice:

We may be new Yoginis, old Yoginis, new to the whole scene altogether. Often we hear the teachers we follow talk about their practice, about how important it is to make time for your own practice. I know for a long time I heard those words and was overwhelmed by them. Not knowing exactly how to make time for myself in the midst of a busy family life. Not knowing what to do first because there is so much I want to do. But my commitment was not as deep as it is now, for any little wave of life, would send "my practice" out the window, and then the whole process would start again.

Since my 40 day juice fast and 40 day meditation practice I have continued my commitment to my practice. It is a different kind of commitment, from a deeper space within me, that makes everything else work around the practice instead of trying to squeeze the practice in at some point during the busy day.  Some days, even getting up earlier than usual only allows for a short practice.  But even if it is short, sitting and noticing the breath creates a space within me of gratitude, wonder, acknowledgement that all is well, that I am taking care of myself.

Long ago a yoga teacher told me if you don't take care of yourself first, you won't be able to take care of those around you in the long run. At the time I didn't understand what she meant. In my mind, I had little ones to attend and thought taking that daily time to myself was selfish. Now I understand that it is selfish but necessary, because only when your light shines to the world are you able to share it. If your inner light struggles to maintain itself constantly attending others than at some point it will burn out, and I know that one all too well. So today I see 'my practice' as a gift not only to myself but to those around me.

My gift to you comes in the words of 'simplify your practice'. Start with 5 minutes a day. Make your practice whatever you want it to today. It may change as you change. Start by sitting quietly and noticing the breath. Then see what happens. Perhaps your practice is about stretching the body doing some Yoga Asanas (poses), or dancing to the beat of the drum...

Yoga is not only about Asana, as we see it here in the West. It is about union. Union of body, mind and soul. Yoga is about connecting with our breath no matter what we are doing, about connecting with the divinity within and allowing it to shine. It is about connecting to your inner truth, about brining peace and wisdom into your life.

Om Shanti Shanti Om

 In theory, practice and theory are the same. In practice they are not Yogi Berra


  1. Hey Naty Howard. I was enjoyed to read your yoga day experience. Do share this type of interesting post in future too.

  2. Hi Kathleen!
    More of them will be coming your way!..