Saturday, February 11, 2012

Day 28: Supporting the self.

Its been a long day and all the words that keep coming back to my head are 'support yourself'.

I don't think I juiced enough today. And it was a busy day with kids activities, continue to settle in our new place (setting things up), and feeling day 1 of 12 of my husband being away.

I find the first day the hardest. It's a transition. Change in the routine, in the family dynamics, above all, in only having my right and my left hand. So how do I support myself through these days?

As I sat in meditation, I breathed deeper than any other night. I needed breath in every one of my cells. I needed to feel the vastness of the space within full of life, full of love, full of support. The more I did that, the better I felt. The more ease I found in my mind. The less anxiety I felt in my heart.

I have been doing this for many years, but being on the Juice Feast, is bringing up some emotions about it. Now, I don't feel emotional, but I am feeling and recognizing the emotion that is in my heart. It also adds another layer of stress to a very busy and full day.

Finding ways to support myself has always been a weakness of mine. I am good at supporting others, not as good as finding the time, commitment, way, to do it for myself. Part of the my intention with this 40 day practice and Juice Feast is to connect deeply with the part of myself that can nourish and support myself. That part that no matter what time it is will sit in meditation for 40 minutes. Even if I am tired, I've been up since 5.30 am and it's 9.30 pm and I just finished putting my 3 musketeers to bed. I must sit, I must give myself and honour my own time and needs. Tomorrow is coming and it will be another busy one.

"Your sacred space is where you can find yourself again and again."- Joseph Campbell

Morning: Collard, purple kale, celery, lettuce, pea sprouts, alfalfa sprouts, prickly pear, lemon, giner, 5 oz wheatgrass. 60 oz.
Lunch: kale, apple, pear. 40 oz.
Dinner: 2 cups of Unpasteurized Miso.
             coconut water. 8 oz.
As I write: cup of hot water with Maca powder and raw honey.

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