Thursday, February 23, 2012

Day 40/40: can you see the extra bounce in my step? this RAWllygood thing is here to stay!

DAY 40 OF 40!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and the sun is shining!

Can you see the extra bounce in my step? the extra big smile on my face? I have done what I set out to do and more!

Today I completed my 40 day Juice Feast, my 40 minutes for 40 days Meditation practice and my yoga Asana practice. What a ride!

The last 40 days have been the beginning of a new journey for me. All I have done is here to stay. The juices will stay, obviously not as much daily. I will do 2 daily after my reintegration period. The 40 min a day Meditation practice is here to stay, as is my Yoga Asana practice, which I actually would like to lengthen. 

I have loved the whole journey. I have written about this before, I have approached this journey from a different place in my heart, a place of peace, where my mind and body together made the choice, a place of surrender to life's mystery. I have felt carried, supported and loved the whole way through. I did not struggle overall with the Juice Fast in the way I had previously struggled before when I had done 10 days and 7 day Juice Fasts. I felt constantly riding the wave, at times challenged by it, but the commitment within was so strong that there was never questioning thoughts of what I was doing or thoughts of not going all the way.

The meditation gave me the gift of sweetness, of space, of learning to be the witness to 'my story' while living it!, of feeling more grounded. It connected me with my breath, with it's power to heal and transform. It has given me 5 precious minutes with my kids at night before they go to bed, where we sit and meditate together, connecting with each other at the heart. It has given me the power to rejuvenate after I have been up through the night with my toddler. (yes, the little sweet rascal did it again last night!!#@#!!!). It has allowed me to get to know my mind at a deeper level, my habits, my patterns of thought and behaviour, what I see as my 'limits' and the ability to go beyond them. I feel more at peace with myself and the world. Over the last 40 days, I have sat for 40  minutes a day. I have tried to do 30 min in the morning and 10 before bed. I have found that to work best for me. The 30 min. get me ready for the day, the 10 min. allow me to reconnect before bed. There is a different flow to my days. I know I will take care of myself, no matter what I will sit, and it's made a huge difference in my world.

The yoga asana, has allowed me to connect with my breath while moving. I see it as a moving meditation. It has allowed me to connect deeper with my energy and with the energies around me. It also allows me to go deeper into my meditation practice, as I usually do it before I sit to meditate for 30 min.

The Juice Feast, has provided my body with oodles and oodles of liters of fresh vegetable and fruit juices. A super High nutrition that I would never be able to eat my way through. It has given my internal organs a break from their 'jobs' to gather and collect their energies for the benefits of my whole body. As much as they have been 'on vacation', they have been working on breaking down the cells that are no longer healthy or useful, repairing and rebuilding. A fast forward jump to the next level!.

The synergy of the 3 together has been exponential! The one feeds and supports the other, all allowing me to connect with my inner warrior, with my strength, courage, edge, peace, love, acceptance, laughter and compassion. My own true nature and the source of my being: my spirit. At times when I felt challenged, one of them, if not all supported the process. They have allowed me to heal deeply in ways I am not yet conscious of. They have given me the gift of experiencing that anything is possible.

As I sat in meditation today I felt a lot of gratitude, for everything and everyone!! I feel grounded and happy. I broke the fast with the sweetness of the water I soaked the prunes with. It was like drinking nectar, sweet delicious, an explosion in my mouth. Then, slowly I ate the organic prunes. I have to admit I was a bit giddy to be eating them! What a sensation to be eating again! I have noticed through the fast my sense of smell getting stronger and sharper. Yes, I can tell you what you had for breakfast today right now! (just kidding). The texture of the prunes was so soft and welcoming. I had 8 oz of prunes soaked in water for 8 hrs. That will be my meal of the day. Before and after "da meal" I continued to juice.

I started this journey weighing 138 pounds. I am now 125 pounds. I have lost 13 pounds. I did not start the Juice fast with the intention of loosing weight, nor did I really think I would loose this much!. But I am not worried about it, as I start to reintegrate foods into my days, the weight will come back and the body will balance itself out. 

Now onto the great news!... This RAWllygood thing is here to stay!!! yeap. I will be writing about my process of reintegration over the next week or so. Then I will continue to share with you all things health, yoga, asana, meditation, and delicious plant based mainly raw foods from my kitchen to yours!!!

My husband always says I am a bit of a mad scientist in the kitchen, I use every dish and appliance... and voila!!! It seems as if the Tazmanian Devil has been through my kitchen.... I love it! mmmhhh so RAWllygood. Now I have an excuse to invite MR. TD over  more often!!!! Ha!

So stay connected 'cause there is more to come!

Thank you for being my community and a big part of my strength in this process. Thank you for your calls, your emails, your words of encouragement. I have loved and cherished them all. Thank you for sharing your stories of inspiration with me. Thank you for taking the time to see what is possible for you.

"We all have possibilities we don't know about. We can do things we don't even dream we can do."
Dale Carnegie.

Morning: Collard, celery, carrot, orange, strawberry, gooseberries, 5 oz. wheatgrass. 60 oz.
Mid morning: coconut water. 18 oz.
Lunch: cup of Honeybush Vanilla tea.
Mid afternoon: Kale, celery, cucumber, mint, green apple, ginger. 40 oz.
Dinner: Kale, celery, fennel, carrot, orange, grapefruit. 50 oz.
As I write: 3 cups of hot water with Unpasteurized Miso.

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